Hot Air Balloon safari is an once-in-a-lifetime safari that is mostly included in every traveler’s bucket list. If you are planning a trip to Africa to see the mesmerizing nature and abundance of wildlife, why not twirl it to the most exciting and adventurous journey of your life. Just imagine about soaring over Tanzania’s dazzling and never-ending grasslands, great wildlife in Serengeti and Masai Mara, and the remote places of the national parks where it is impossible to access through safari vehicles.

Highlights of Hot Air Balloon Safari :

  •  Float in a hot air balloon over the famed Serengeti with its enchanted scenery and amazing wildlife.
  •  To explore the Game haven and amazing landscape of Tanzania famous wildlife parks is a life time experience which you will never forget.
  •  A unique viewpoint over the majestic Serengeti and many great photo opportunities of the wildlife below.